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April 30, 2010
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Stamp Insane and damn proud by DieNaerrin Stamp Insane and damn proud by DieNaerrin
Since Addicted Freeloader deleted his INSANE stamp (or himself?? dunno ... stamp is gone and cannot find his profile ...) I decided to make an own ... cause I NEED it :D

Credits go to:
Cenakuu: [link]
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Madness1997 Feb 9, 2014  New member
How'd you find me stamp
!!!!I.N.S.A.N.I.T.Y!!!! yay
I hate these little 12 year old going around like "INSANITY IZ KWAII! HUR DUR WAFFULZ LOL!!!! KRAZYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
No. -hangs self-
Being insane is suffering.
Being sane is happiness.
And don't call me a "HIPOCRIT" because when my manga comes out there is an insane girl.
She doesn't go around screeching "WAFFULZ" at the top of her lungs.
She just runs around basically fucking people up for life or killing them with a fucked up corpse. Isn't that sooo kwai??? :3 
But she CAN be sane.
MysticMelodyx Feb 13, 2014  Student Writer
Actually, you are a hypocrite. 
First of all, do you know what insanity is? Do you actually understand what you're trying to portray? Do you know how insulting your last statement was?
Ahem, here, in bold, I will state the thesis of this wall of text I'm about to unload on you. Tl;dr the rest of it, I don't care, but here's my point:

Now, what I'm about to say can be addressed with a conditional statement, similar to one you would see in your Geometry class. If you haven't taken Geometry, well, it's fine; you won't need it because I'm breaking this down.
So, let's start with two statements as follows:
p: "You are a murdering sociopath/psychopath."
q: "You are mentally ill."

So, the conditional statement always goes "If p, then q". 
So, conditional statement: If you are a murdering sociopath/psychopath, you are mentally ill.
Easy enough. And, it's completely true. But, there's more to just a conditional statement than the statement itself. There's a converse, an inverse, and a contrapositive to the statement, and they'd go like so:

 Converse: If you are mentally ill, you are a murdering sociopath/psychopath.
 Inverse: If you are not a murdering sociopath/psychopath, you are not mentally ill.
 Contrapositive: If you are not mentally ill, you are not a murdering sociopath/psychopath.

Of these above statements, as the check and "x" mark indicate, only the contrapositive is correct, because the converse and the inverse are saying something else that is wrong. Yet, everybody seems to be under this delusion that the converse of this statement is the truth. This is not a biconditional statement and you are perpetuating a stereotype that plagues everyone with mental illness on a daily basis.

How you say? Well, let's just look at your comment:
"Being insane is suffering.
And don't call me a "HIPOCRIT" because when my manga comes out there is an insane girl.
She doesn't go around screeching "WAFFULZ" at the top of her lungs.
She just runs around basically fucking people up for life or killing them with a fucked up corpse. Isn't that sooo kwai??? :3" 
(I took the liberty of bolding the part(s) of which I'm speaking.)

So, according to you, insane people "just run around basically fucking people up for life and killing them [brutally]"? Congratulations, you've stepped into this other stereotype for mental illness which is just as, if not more, ignorant as the people you were scolding. Someone with a mental illness is not always a psychotic killer. In fact, you know what most of them are? Self-harming people shamefully thrust into the corners of humanity because no one could even begin to understand how they feel. Studies have shown that a schizophrenic person is more likely to hurt his/herself than they are to hurt another person. Those auditory hallucinations? Usually are of people he/she knows and loves berating them, calling him/her awful names, even telling him/her to "kill yourself". Not to mention are they extremely disjointed and terrifying, usually repeating things the person has heard in his/her daily life. If you don't believe me, here's a YouTube link. Listen with good headphones in and shut your eyes:

You calling people who are insane suffering is a logical statement. Insinuating that insanity is a choice and that those who are insane are killers, though? Not so much. That is extremely ignorant and offensive.

There is another problem I have with your comment, so I'll go ahead and address that, too:

"But she CAN be sane."

Because you can choose when you're sane or insane. Right. My best friend has depression; she can choose to feel better when she wants to. Someone with PTSD can choose to forget the trauma. Someone with schizophrenia can choose whether or not he or she will hallucinate a voice or slip away from society. 
Excuse my English, but that's total fucking bullshit.
If you truly think that you can choose whether or not you're mentally ill or not, you must know nothing about what it means to be mentally ill. There is no "switch" in mental illness. One day, you can't just decide that "hey, I don't wanna be bipolar anymore!", and then immediately be cured. There is no cure for mental illness. Nothing. Nada. Zip. There's hope, but a cure? It doesn't exist yet. The fact that you'd even insinuate that someone with a mental illness can just randomly decide how he/she feels is simply ignorant and quite offensive to those who actually suffer.

In conclusion, you're hypocritical not because you think being mentally ill is "super sugoi kawaii no desu" or "cute", but because you seem to think that being mentally ill equals psycho killer and because you think being mentally ill is something someone can control or choose. You're hypocritical in the sense that you made a character who is "insane" to contradict a stereotype while perpetuating another. That is not okay.
"killing them with a fucked up corpse" What I meant was, she kills them leaving them with a fucked up corpse.
Sorry for any misunderstandings.
Sadly, yes (don't say it)
Caleb-F-Bear Aug 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
dis stamp iz 2 edgy 4 me
Azarathian-Mage Jul 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Two words: Damn straight.
indagold Jul 14, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I think this is too controversial of a stamp to put up. If you see people offended by it then maybe you should take it down, even if you don't mean any harm. Maybe that's why the original was deleted. I know no one takes this seriously, but at least be kind enough to take into account you do hurt people by posting stuff like this. ^_^ just know I'm not going to insult you, I think a lot of people are ignorant on issues like this and to play it safe is to remove it and learn from your mistakes even if you feel you did nothing wrong.
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